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Contemporary meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Contemporary’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Contemporary’ pronunciation= kan’tempareri

Contemporary meaning in English

‘Contemporary’ means somebody is roughly the same age as someone or living during a similar period of time to something or someone.

‘Contemporary’ can be an adjective or a noun.

▪ As an adjective contemporary can mean: 

1. Living or occurring during the same period of time.

For eg: The artwork was made by a contemporary artist.

2. Belonging to the same period of time or occurring in the present time.

For eg: The house was furnished with contemporary decoration and furniture.

3. Characteristic of current times or characteristic of the present.

For eg: Contemporary trends in women’s fashion in the year 2022.

▪ As a noun contemporary can mean: 

1. A person or thing existing of nearly the same age as another.

For eg: She was a contemporary American modern dancer.

2. Someone living during the same period as someone else.

For eg: He was a contemporary of Shakespeare.

coexistent in time
From the same time period
of the present age
happening at the same time
relatively recent
relate to the present time
of the present age
existing or happening now


The word ‘Contemporary’ can be a ‘Noun or Adjective.’

The plural noun of the word ‘Contemporary’ is ‘Contemporaries’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Contemporary’ are as follows.


▪ Although she was considered among her contemporaries to be a better poet than her husband.

▪ He was a Filipino modern and contemporary painter.

▪ What did Shakespeare’s contemporaries think of him?

▪ It was a piece of contemporary music.

▪ He is a contemporary of mine.

▪ He was a contemporary composer of Mozart.

▪ Contemporary family issues in the Philippines.

▪ Contemporary Issues that Family and Marriage are Facing.

▪ Contemporary issues in India under Constitutional Law.

▪ Contemporary music in India.

▪ Contemporary dance choreography tutorial for beginners.

▪ Contemporary American short story.

▪ Love and intimacy in contemporary society.

▪ Contemporary Islamic Issues.

▪ Contemporary issues in Indian politics.

▪ The Early Mughals and Contemporary rulers of South India.

▪ Foreign travelers in India and their contemporary rulers.

▪ Raziyya and contemporary women rulers.

▪ Contemporary approaches to the study of political theory.

▪ The contemporary relevance of non-aligned movement.

▪ At the world conference, various concepts related to the Contemporary issues in population geography have been discussed.

▪ The Godfather of Contemporary Art in India.

▪ Why is contemporary art important?

▪ I learned contemporary dance for 30 days.

▪ 90 days of building a two-story contemporary modern house.

▪ International conclave on contemporary issues in Administrative Law.

▪ A contemporary family home designed for Luxury and Volume.

▪ A contemporary family home that embodies simplicity and lightness.

▪ A contemporary family home designed and built to last for generations.

▪ Large contemporary family garden with stunning terrace, outdoor kitchen, and garden room.

▪ Contemporary mathematics with the industrial revolution.


The synonyms of the word ‘Contemporary’ are as follows.

in vogue
in fashion


The antonyms of the word ‘Contemporary’ are as follows.

out of date
FAQ (frequently asked question)

What is the meaning of contemporary art?

Contemporary art refers to any artwork that was made since 1970, and it usually refers to artists who are still living and still producing work.

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