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Conviction meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Conviction’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Conviction’ pronunciation= kan-vik-shan, kan-viksh(a)n

Conviction meaning in English

The word ‘Conviction’ has two different meanings.

1. ‘Conviction’ is basically a decision of the criminal court according to which
a person or accused is held guilty.

▪ ‘Conviction’ is basically an adjudication (decree) of the court holding a person guilty.

2. ‘Conviction’ means the state of being wholly convinced.

▪ ‘Conviction’ is something that an individual is convinced of.

▪ One’s strong beliefs or opinions.

Conviction- English meaning
clear perception


The word ‘Conviction’ acts as a ‘Noun’.

The plural noun of the word ‘Conviction’ is Convictions.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Conviction’ are as follows.


▪ Dream with ambition and lead with conviction.

▪ ‘Conviction’ refers to the state of being convinced and confident that something is true.

▪ ‘Conviction’ stands opposed to doubt and skepticism.

▪ Conviction introduces emotions which is the enemy of oratory.

▪ I would just like to say that it is my conviction.

▪ What is the conviction rate in robbery cases?

▪ No uttered from the deepest conviction.

▪ Protection in respect of conviction for offenses.

▪ There was a prospect of conviction.

▪ ‘Conviction’ can be described as a strong behavior about morality.

▪ Conviction introduces emotion.

‘Conviction’ other meanings

religious conviction= Religious conviction describes the assertion of religious individuals that they are directed by God. 

absolute conviction= full faith or belief in something

lack of conviction= A person who lacks conviction does not believe strongly in what they are doing and has no strong faiths, beliefs, morals, or aspirations.

conviction person= A person who believes strongly in what they are doing and has strong faiths, beliefs, morals, or aspirations.

conviction time= In a court of law, the process of finding a person guilty of a crime

the courage of convictionIf you strongly believe that what you are doing is right, even though other people may not agree with your decision. This strong faith in self-decision is called the courage of conviction.

conviction to be compassionate= strong belief in being kind

conviction for offences= punishment for crimes

subsequent convictionConvicted for the same crime which previously done one or more times

conviction rate= Conviction rate is an indicator of the disposal of crime cases by the courts

firm conviction= strong belief, firm belief

moral conviction= one’s beliefs about what is right and what is wrong

first conviction= finding someone guilty of committing a crime the first time

non-conviction= someone is not guilty of a criminal offence

deep conviction= deep faith

unspent conviction= An unspent conviction is a term used to describe any criminal conviction that you’re still in the rehabilitation process for or that will stay on your criminal record. 

personal conviction= personal belief

criminal conviction= found to be guilty of a particular crime

conviction dayThe day judgment was entered against you and you were adjudicated guilty by the court

self-conviction= Self-confidence

conviction date= The date judgment was entered against you and you were adjudicated guilty by the court

conviction for offences= The term conviction for offenses, in law, refers to the final judgment on a verdict of guilty

quash the conviction= the person was found guilty of the offense but discharged without conviction

‘Conviction’ Synonyms-antonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Conviction’ are as follows.

judgment call
clear perception

The antonyms of the word ‘Conviction’ are as follows.

not guilty


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