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Couldn’t meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the ‘Couldn’t’ is explained in easy English with examples.

Couldn’t’ pronunciation= kud(a)nt

Couldn’t meaning in English

‘Couldn’t’ is a commonly spoken form of could not.

In statements, we use ‘Couldn’t’ for past tense.

1. We use ‘Couldn’t’ to talk about some of our actions or abilities in the past. for example:

▪ Sorry, I couldn’t attend the meeting yesterday. 

▪ Sorry, I couldn’t win the match. 

▪ I couldn’t complete the race. 

▪ I couldn’t finish my engineering course. 

2. ‘Couldn’t’ is used to refer to impossible things in the past.

▪ The doctor couldn’t save him from cancer. 

▪ We couldn’t create an account for you without valid documents. 

▪ He couldn’t complete the race with injuries. 

3. Couldn’t (could not): We use this expression when there is something kind of tempting or interesting that we are a little interested in but we kind of want to like hold back a bit.

▪ Diamond ring for me on my birthday! I couldn’t expect it.

▪ Three pizzas for me? I couldn’t do that.


  1. We cannot use interchangeably ‘cant and couldn’t’.
  2. After could and couldn’t infinitive is used without to.


Couldn’t is a short form of the word Could not.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Couldn’t’ are as follows.


▪ We couldn’t create an account for you.

▪ We couldn’t create a new partition.

▪ We couldn’t find wireless devices on this computer.

▪ I couldn’t find it.

▪ Sorry, I couldn’t come.

▪ I couldn’t call you.

▪ I couldn’t believe it when I heard the news today.

▪ I couldn’t have been more wrong.

▪ I couldn’t believe it when I opened the door.

▪ I couldn’t believe it when he agreed to make a deal.

▪ I couldn’t believe my eyes.

▪ Sorry, I couldn’t come today.

▪ I couldn’t come to work today.

▪ I couldn’t come to the office today.

▪ I couldn’t come to school today.

▪ He couldn’t attend the meeting.

▪ He couldn’t help laughing.

▪ You couldn’t live with your failure.

▪ He couldn’t help you.

▪ Your computer couldn’t start properly.

▪ He couldn’t finish the task although.

▪ Your request couldn’t be processed.

▪ Your reservation couldn’t be completed.

▪ They couldn’t see what I see in you.

▪ They couldn’t understand him.

▪ They couldn’t find the manager anywhere.

▪ They couldn’t hit an elephant at this distance.

▪ They couldn’t deceive customers.

▪ I couldn’t receive your call.

▪ I couldn’t make it.

▪ Sorry, I couldn’t attend the meeting.

▪ Couldn’t have said it better

▪ Couldn’t find your google account.

▪ Couldn’t connect you to the video call

▪ I couldn’t come.

▪ I couldn’t text you.

▪ I couldn’t resist myself.

▪ I couldn’t found.


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