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Literally meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Literally’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Literally’ pronunciation= lit(e)-ral-ly, litarali, lit(a)rali

Literally meaning in English

Very often we use ‘literally’ for the direct meaning of something in contrast to figuratively.

Literally has three meanings.

1. ‘Literally’ means the exact and very factual meaning of the words you are using. The words with their most basic meaning. For eg.

▪ Japanese traditional dress ‘kimono’ literally means a ‘thing to wear.

2. We use ‘literally’ when something is surprising and we want to emphasize that it is true and there is no exaggeration at all. For eg.

▪ Planet Earth is literally home to 8.7 million species.

3. Informal: We use the word ‘literally’ to exaggerate things to get an effect. For eg.

▪ I am so hungry I could literally eat a horse.

Literally- Adverb
in reality
in truth
in fact


The word ‘Literally’ can be an adverb.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Literally’ are as follows.


▪ I had the operator who literally traced the wire just from seeing the switchboard.

▪ We fought over her affections, literally.

▪ These are stories that are not literally true.

▪ They are literally meant, tenants.

▪ They took it literally.

▪ They literally build the nation.

▪ It literally means desert dweller.

▪ It literally means without oxygen.

▪ He literally ran away from me.

▪ He literally was at death.

▪ He’s literally sitting on a throne.

▪ She literally made my day.

▪ She is literally the cutest.

▪ He is literally the best.

▪ She is literally a goddess.

▪ She copied the manuscript literally.

▪ This literally made me cry.

▪ This literally gave me goosebumps.

▪ This literally made my day.

▪ This literally happened to me.

▪ We literally live on a floating rock.

▪ I literally feel like my heart is broken.

▪ I literally feel it.

▪ I literally feel that bro.

▪ But he took it literally when I said go to hell.

▪ He took it literally.

▪ I took it literally.

▪ Someone who is literally short-sighted.

▪ I was literally thinking about you.

▪ I was literally shocked.

▪ I was literally blown away.

▪ I was literally shivering with cold.

▪ They are literally the small and oldest type of cell.

▪ There is literally no point in living.

▪ There is literally no one I don’t hate.

▪ There is literally no food in my house.

▪ There is literally nothing to do.

▪ There is literally nothing to eat.


The synonyms of the word ‘Literally’ are as follows.

word for word
line for line
in fact
in actuality
in reality
neither more nor less
to the letter


The antonyms of the word ‘Literally’ are as follows.



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