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Neither Nor meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Neither Nor’ is explained in easy English with examples.

Neither Nor’ pronunciation= nei-​ther, nē-t͟hər

Neither Nor meaning in English

‘Neither Nor’ is used when we talk about two negative options. It means ‘Neither Nor’ is used in negative sentences.

Neither Nor- English meaning
Not one or the other
Not this or not that
Neither this nor that

When using ‘Neither Nor’, if the subject adjacent to the verb is singular, then use the singular verb form and if the subject is plural then use plural verb form. 

For example:- 

1. Singular verb form
Example: I had neither money nor any property to give my son.

2. plural verb form 
Example: Neither I smoke nor do my friends are smoke cigars.

Note: In this sentence the word ‘friends’ is plural, that’s why this is used with the plural verb ‘are’.

Neither Nor-Example

‘Neither Nor’ is correlative conjunction, which works to connect two sentences.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Neither Nor’ are as follows.


▪ Neither I nor my wife like horror movies.

▪ Neither I drink wine nor do I smoke cigarettes.

▪ Love knows neither time nor distance.

▪ Neither breakfast nor lunch I did today.

▪ She neither hates me nor loves me.

▪ She is neither beautiful nor ugly.

▪ Neither medicine nor blessing will cure him.

▪ Neither john nor Julie bought that house.

▪ The postman came neither yesterday nor today.

▪ Sonali is neither fat nor thin.

▪ The house is neither big nor small.

▪ Her hair is neither long nor short.

▪ Neither ram nor sham went to the picnic.

‘Neither Nor’ other meanings

neither fish nor fowl (Idiom)= Something or someone that does not rightly belong or fit well in a given group or situation.

neither I nor you= You are not wrong and I am not wrong.

neither ever nor never= Never ever 

neither good nor bad= Something that might not necessarily be a nice thing

neither smooth nor rough= Something that is not smooth or rough

neither detected nor disclosed= Something that is not detected or disclosed

neither attributable nor aggravated= Something that is not attributable or aggravated

neither happy nor sad= Someone who is not happy or sad

neither a borrower nor a lender be= Someone who is not a borrower nor a lender

neither seek nor avoid take what comes= Do not seek or avoid what comes

neither more nor less= Something that is not more or less

neither a nor b= Something that is not a or b

neither sight nor sound= Not sight or sound

neither chick nor child= Not chick or not a child

neither 1 nor 2= Not 1 or not 2

neither agree nor disagree= Not agree or not disagree

neither here nor there= Not here or not there

1 is neither prime nor composite= The number 1 is not prime or not composite

neither one thing nor the other= Not one thing or another


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