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Niece meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Niece‘ is given in easy English with an example, together with the family relations.

Niece pronunciation= niːs, nes

Niece meaning in English

1. The daughter of one’s brother or sister is called ‘Niece’.

2. The daughter of the brother-in-law (wife’s brother) and sister-in-law (wife’s sister)  is called ‘Niece’. 

3. The daughter of the husband’s brother or husband’s sister daughter is called ‘Niece’.

Niece-Family relationships

The word ‘Niece’ is specifically used for females only.

The word ‘Niece’ refers to the following family relationships.

1. Fraternal Niece

The Brother’s daughter is called ‘Fraternal Niece.’ 

2. Sororal Niece

Sister’s daughter is called ‘Sororal Niece’.

3. Half Niece

The daughter of one’s half-sibling is called ‘Half Niece’.

4. Niece in law

The wife’s brother’s daughter or wife’s sister’s daughter is called Niece-in-law.

5. Paternal Niece

 The father’s niece is called ‘Paternal niece’. 

6. Grand-Niece

Great-granddaughter, brother’s granddaughter, sister’s granddaughter is called ‘Grandniece’.


The word ‘Niece’ acts as a ‘Noun’.

The plural noun of the word ‘Niece’ is ‘Nieces’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Niece’ are as follows.


▪ My niece is very brilliant.

▪ My favorite niece is my brother’s daughter.

▪ My niece’s name is Julie.

▪ My niece has sent me a gift from America.

▪ My niece is in Canada for her higher studies.

▪ My niece earned a gold medal in an international swimming competition.

▪ My niece just celebrated her 12th birthday.

▪ The word niece refers to a female.

▪ ‘Nephew’ refers to a male and ‘Niece’ refers to a female.

▪ If you are a girl then your father’s brother or sister and your mother’s brother or sister call you a Niece’.

▪ My niece is more brilliant than my nephew.

▪ I have three nieces and four nephews.

▪ I am always confused between my nieces because they are twins.

▪ My niece just came to see me in hospital.


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