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Nothing else meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the phrase ‘Nothing else’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms.

Nothing else’ pronunciation= nuh-thing els

Nothing else meaning in English

‘Nothing else’ means ‘No other’.

‘Nothing else’ is the phrase of ‘Nothing’.

For eg.

▪ I want nothing else.

▪ I have nothing else to give.

▪ There is nothing else I want.

Nothing Else-Example

‘Nothing’ is a pronoun and ‘Else’ is an adverb.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Nothing else’ are as follows.


▪ I want nothing else, just you.

▪ He wants nothing else.

▪ Nothing else to say.

▪ Nothing else is needed.

▪ Nothing else to do.

▪ Nothing else but miracles.

▪ I desire nothing else but you lord.

▪ The self is nothing else but a bundle of impressions.

▪ When there is nothing else but love.

▪ Freedom is nothing else but a chance to be better.

▪ It is nothing else but pride.

▪ Man is nothing else but what makes of himself.

▪ Nothing else to lose.

▪ Nothing else to prove.

▪ You call and then nothing else matters.

▪ Nothing else is required.

▪ Nothing else is needed from your side.

▪ Nothing else is sweeter than with you.

▪ Nothing else is better than you.

▪ Nothing else is even close.

▪ Nothing else is good enough.

▪ Nothing else is going to ease the ache inside.

▪ There is nothing else like your love.

▪ There is nothing else I can say.

▪ There is nothing else to compare.

▪ There is nothing else to lose.

▪ Nothing else satisfies me like my Jesus.

▪ Nothing else satisfies like my lord.

▪ Nothing else seems to hurt like the smile.

▪ Who said I have nothing else to do?

▪ There is nothing else that can separate us from the love of god.

Nothing Else-Synonym

The synonyms of ‘Nothing Else’ is as follows.

Nothing Else
no another
no different
no new
nothing other
nothing moreover


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