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Pure Bliss meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Pure Bliss’ is explained in simple English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Pure Bliss’ pronunciation= pyur blis

Pure Bliss meaning in English

‘Pure bliss’ means Holy joy or innocent happiness.

1. The best of all pleasures from which the mind attains supreme happiness.

2. Spiritual happiness.

3. Happiness of salvation.

Pure Bliss- Meaning
Spiritual joy
Extreme happiness
Complete happiness
The ecstasy of salvation

Pure Bliss-Example

Bliss’ means the state (situation) of complete happiness.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Pure Bliss’ are as follows.


▪ Self-love is pure bliss.

▪ Pure bliss is the goal, though seldom achieved completely.

▪ Learning from a teacher like you is really pure bliss.

▪ Pure bliss resides within each one of us.

▪ When we adopt a life of pure bliss we feel great.

▪ Each one of us has within us that space of pure bliss.

▪ Do you really want to go for a life living in pure bliss?

▪ Set your intention to live a life of pure bliss.

▪ Serving the nation till my last breath is pure bliss for me.

▪ Every human loves to live a life in pure bliss.

▪ I felt pure bliss when I kissed her.

▪ Indeed a Pure Bliss.

▪ Rather I’m just pure bliss.

▪ The path of spirituality is the path of pure bliss.

▪ Self-love is pure bliss.

▪ Why Being Alone Is Pure Bliss To Genuine Empaths.

▪ Moments of pure bliss.

▪ This song is pure bliss.

▪ Nothing but pure bliss.

‘Pure Bliss’ Synonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Pure Bliss’ are as follows.

perfect happiness
absolute delight
complete pleasure
entire joy
spiritual joy
extreme happiness
complete happiness

‘Pure Bliss’ Antonyms

The antonyms of the word ‘Pure Bliss’ are as follows.

complete unhappiness
extreme depression
complete misery
extreme sorrow

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