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Secularism meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Secularism’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Secularism’ pronunciation= sec-u-​lar-​ism, se-kyə-lə-ri-zəm

Secularism meaning in English

‘Secularism’ means no influence of any particular religion in the government system, society, education, or any government process.

1. Such a system where religion is not allowed to participate in civil matters.

2. Society free from the influence of religion.

3. Secularism is the belief that no one should be discriminated against on basis of his religion.

Secularism- English meaning
practical instinct


The word ‘Secularism’ acts as a ‘Noun’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Secularism’ are as follows.


▪ Secularism shouldn’t be synonymous with atheism.

▪ A theist thinks secularism is a useless idea.

▪ India is a secular country, and secularism is its soul.

▪ Why are the debates on secularism in India?

▪ Secularism means no discrimination against anybody in the name of religion.

▪ Secularism is meant for the freedom of practicing own religion and belief.

▪ Secularism is different from atheism or humanism.

▪ Secularism is a modern phenomenon, but it has roots all across the world.

▪ Secularism is oppressive to religious people.

▪ Secularism means the country is completely separate from any religious ideology.

▪ The term ‘Secularism’ was first used by the British writer George Holyoke in 1851.

▪ Secularism establishes a social order separate from religion.

‘Secularism’ other meanings

pseudo-secularism= Pseudo-secularism describes policies considered to involve minority appeasement.

Indian secularism= Indian secularism guarantees individuals freedom of religion.

secular= Non-religious

secular girl= Non-religious girl

secularists= Atheist, non-religious person

secularism party= Non-religious party

secular state= A secular state is officially neutral in matters of religion. The secular state is a state which guarantees individual freedom of religion.

secular person= Non-religious person

‘Secularism’ Synonyms-antonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Secularism’ are as follows.


The antonyms of the word ‘Secularism’ are as follows.



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