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Someone else meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Someone Else’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms.

Someone Else’ pronunciation= samwan els, suhm-wuhn els

Someone else meaning in English

‘Someone else’ means ‘Some other person’.

1. We use ‘Someone else’ to refer in a vague way to another person.

▪ Someone else is using your google password.

▪ Someone else like you.

2. We use ‘Someone else’ for an unnamed person other than a previously referred-to person.

▪ I talked to someone about that topic, but I need to speak to someone else.

Someone Else- meaning
somebody different from ourselves
another person
someone apart from those mentioned
resembling someone

Someone Else’s

In the phrase Someone else’s we use the apostrophe ‘S’ to show possession or belonging.

We use the phrase Someone else’s “when we are talking about an object that owns by another person”.

▪ That car isn’t mine. It is someone else’s.

▪ You shouldn’t claim someone else’s idea as yours.

▪ Admire someone else’s beauty without questioning yours.

▪ Someone else’s mail coming to my address.

Someone else-Example

‘Someone else’ is the phrase of a ‘Someone’. 

‘Someone’ is a pronoun and ‘Else’ is an adverb.  

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Someone else’ are as follows.


▪ I have mistaken you for someone else.

▪ If you light a lamp for someone else.

▪ Find someone else.

▪ Ask someone else.

▪ Missing someone else?

▪ Don’t be trapped in someone else’s dream.

▪ When you write for someone else.

▪ Someone else is still using this pc.

▪ Someone else is working on an error.

▪ Please don’t be in love with someone else.

▪ How to endorse a cheque to someone else.

▪ Is there someone else?

▪ I like someone else.

▪ I love someone else.

▪ I thought someone else.

▪ Speaking to someone else.

▪ Because of someone else.

▪ Busy with someone else.

▪ Be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud.

▪ Be the reason someone else smiles today.

▪ I thought you were someone else.

▪ Sorry, I thought you were someone else.

▪ Are you busy with someone else?

▪ Would you unfriend me for someone else?

▪ Watching someone you love someone else.

▪ I will never try to be someone else.

▪ Please don’t be in love with someone else.

▪ Someone else making calls from my number.

▪ Someone else may manage this business profile.

▪ Someone else is in the room.

▪ Dreams about the death of someone else.

▪ Can I drive someone else’s car?

▪ Someone pretending to be someone else.

▪ Someone else signed for my package.

▪ In place of someone else.

▪ Someone else will raise your sons or daughters.

▪ Someone else is using my Facebook account.

▪ Someone else you must have confused me with.

▪ When someone else likes your crush.

▪ Someone else you’d rather be dating.

▪ Someone else you love.

▪ I wanna be someone else just don’t wanna hate myself.

▪ He chooses someone else over me.

▪ He married someone else.

▪ she loves someone else but I love her.

▪ He impregnated someone else.

▪ When you love someone but he loves someone else.

▪ She left me for someone else.

▪ it always looks weird when you try to be someone else.

▪ I wanna be somebody to someone else.

Someone else-Synonym

The synonyms of ‘Someone else’ is as follows.

Someone Else
a different person
somebody else
another person


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