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Stuck meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Stuck’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Stuck’ pronunciation= stak

Stuck meaning in English

1. Getting caught up in an unpleasant or difficult situation and finding oneself unable to change that situation.

2. Feeling unable to continue with the practice work like reading, answering questions, etc. because the subject of study is difficult.

3. To stick an object with glue.

Stuck- English meaning


The word ‘Stuck’ acts as an adjective.

The past tense of the word ‘Stick’ is ‘Stuck’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Stuck’ are as follows.


▪ Most of the time iron gates are stuck because of their rust.

▪ I am again late for the office because my car got stuck in traffic.

▪ My mind is really stuck on this mathematical problem.

▪ The fat thief got stuck into the window.

▪ You are stuck with me in this robbery case.

▪ I am really stuck, can you solve this maths problem for me.

▪ If you get stuck in this lift, press this red button for help.

▪ We were stuck in rain for over sixty minutes.

▪ He stuck the posters on the gate of every apartment.

▪ I stuck my photo on the application form.

▪ I hate being stuck at home all day in the corona epidemic.

▪ If you get stuck at work, ask your colleagues for help.

▪ You are stuck with me forever, nobody is able to separate us.

‘Stuck’ other meanings

got stuck= Trapped, bogged down

got stuck in traffic= Trapped in traffic

I am stuck= Unable to move or to change a situation

I am stuck somewhere= Not able to move from somewhere

life stuck= Life paused

clock stuck= Clock paused

you are stuck with me= You are trapped with me

you are stuck with me forever= You are trapped with me forever

i got stuck at work= Busy with work

stuck knowledge= Trapped knowledge

stuck in rain= Due to heavy rain unable to go outside anywhere

stuck payment= Pending payment

stuck me= Trapped me

stuck a chord= A string (a string of music instruments) got stuck.

Stuck’ Synonyms-antonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Stuck’ are as follows.


The antonyms of the word ‘Stuck’ are as follows.



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