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Tenure meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Tenure’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Tenure’ pronunciation= ten-yər

Tenure meaning in English

‘Tenure’ means the official term of a person holding any office.

1. ‘Tenure’ means a period of time officially or lawfully granted or fixed for doing some important work.

2. Holding anyone post in an office for a specified period.

3. To give any place, land, or building for official use or residence for a fixed time or for a certain period of time legally.

Tenure- English meaning
official period
term of office
holding rights
give lifelong livelihood
to give a permanent post


The word ‘tenure’ acts as a Noun and Verb.

The past tense of the word ‘Tenure’ is ‘Tenured’ and the present participle is ‘Tenuring’.

The plural noun of the word ‘Tenure’ is ‘Tenures’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Tenure’ are as follows.


▪ His job tenure started this month only.

▪ Your loan repayment tenure will end next month.

▪ During my tenure company was in profit and had a good reputation in the market.

▪ He invested 1 lakh rupees for 5-years of tenure in a mutual fund.

▪ His service tenure was influential.

▪ His building occupancy tenure is of 2 years.

▪ Company directors’ tenure extended up to 2 years.

▪ The tenant occupied the bungalow for a 5-year tenure.

▪ The company promoted him before the end of his service tenure.

▪ During his tenure, he experienced political interference in police work.

▪ Contract laborers’ job tenure is uncertain and insecure.

▪ His tenure extended twice in the year.

▪ He has an official tenure of 15 years.

▪ Indian government servants are given security of tenure by the constitution.

‘Tenure’ other meanings

loan tenure= Loan period, loan term

residual tenure= Remaining term

tenure holder= A person who has acquired from an intermediary the right to hold lands for the purpose of collecting rents or bringing them under cultivation by establishing tenants thereon.

job tenure= The length of time workers have been in their current job

tenure post= A permanent or temporary post which an individual may not hold for more than a limited period.

land tenure= Leasehold, ‘Land tenure‘ refers to the relationship among people, as individuals or groups, with respect to land. It defines the conditions under which land can be occupied, held, or managed, by whom, and for how long.

during my tenure= The period of time when someone holds an official position.

repayment tenure= Refund Payment Term, repayment period

fixed tenure= Fixed tenure is a contract in which a company or an enterprise hires an employee for a specific period of time

compulsory personal accident (CPA) tenure= Mandatory Personal Accident period of time

course tenure= The period of time a student needs to complete for any academic or professional degree.

balance tenure= Remaining period

secure tenure= Legal guarantee that an office-holder cannot be removed from office for a specific period of time

median tenureAverage job length for office-holder

stability of tenure of personnel= Employee’s jobs fix length for a specific period of time

tenure of service= Period of service

tenure of work= Contract period

tenure of office= Term of office

tenure in current job= The length of time workers have been in their current job

precarious tenure= indefinite period of time

manorial tenures= Hereditary rights granted to the proprietor by royal charter for a specific period.

tenure system= Tenure systems regulate how individuals and groups gain access to land and other rights and duties associated with land use and ownership.

business tenure= The period or term of business

residence tenure= The period or term of residence

tenure days= Days of office holding

short tenure= Short office holding period or term

total tenure= Total office holding period or term

work tenure= Work period, duration of work

tenure over= Office holding period finished

tenure start date= Office holding period or term start date

my tenure= My Office holding period or term

loan tenure calculator= Loan Term Calculator

fixed deposit tenure= Fixed Deposit period

what is residual tenure?= Remaining office holding period 

fixed deposit tenure in the post office= Fixed Deposit period in Post Office

‘Tenure’ Synonyms-antonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Tenure’ are as follows.

term of office

The antonyms of the word ‘Tenure’ are as follows.

giving up
job insecurity


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