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In this article, you will be able to know what is the word Whether meaning in English.

We are trying to explain Whether meaning in English in an easy way.

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Whether meaning in English    

Whether is used to expressing an inquiry or investigation or doubt or choice between two possibilities.

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Whether conjunction

 ➡ When do we use whether?

With conditional sentences, we use ‘if’, and when we have two options we use whether.

Sometimes whether is used to indicate that something is true in either of two cases.

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 ➡ Police yet not confirmed whether it’s suicide or murder.

 ➡ I am curious about whether she goes out with Hemant or Sushant.

 ➡ We need to decide now whether to buy a car or a bike.

 ➡ I am not sure whether to tell her the truth or not.

 ➡ I don’t know whether the exam is on Monday or Tuesday.

 ➡ I am coming, whether you like it or not.

 ➡ You are truly eligible for this post, whether you accept it or not.

 ➡ I don’t know whether to sing a song or play the guitar.

 ➡ I will see whether he is at home or not.

 ➡ He seems undecided whether to marry or not.

 ➡ I am confused about whether to drink lassi or milk.

 ➡ I do not know whether he is a thief or not.

 ➡ I am going to help him, whether you like it or not.

 ➡ We still love each other whether our parents like it or not.

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