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Won’t meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Won’t’ is explained in easy English with uses and examples.

Won’t’ pronunciation= wo(w)nt, wount

Won’t full form in English

Will not.

“Won’t” is a reduced form of “Will not”.

Won’t meaning in English

“Won’t or Will not” is used to indicate the actions which will not take place in the future. 

▪ He won’t participate in the competition due to his ill health.

1. We use ‘won’t’ when something that’s not performing as expected or there is some kind of problem with its abilities.

▪ My computer won’t send this email. There is no internet connection.

2. We use won’t, when we already know the future or imagine it. 

▪ She won’t marry him.

▪ He won’t hurt anybody hereafter.

3. ‘Won’t’ is used when you are not interested in doing something.

▪ I won’t come to the office today.

▪ I won’t be able to make it, I am quite busy.

4. We also use ‘Won’t’ for something that is failing now, specific to this situation.

▪ My car won’t start. Its fuel tank is empty.

5. We use “Won’t” when we want to say that something is not working after attempting to make it work.

▪ His computer won’t start. (even after attempting to make it work)

▪ His motorcycle won’t start. (even after attempting to make it start)

6. we also use “Won’t” to talk about people refusing to do something.

▪ I won’t go there.

▪ I won’t do it.

▪ Workers won’t do any work today.

7. We can use “Won’t” for present habits.

▪ Every day I’ll wake up at 7 am, but I won’t eat breakfast until 9 am.

▪ I won’t take dinner with my family today.


The word “Won’t” acts as a ‘Verb’.

“Won’t” is a short form for ‘will not.

Sentences that can be formed using the word “Won’t” are as follows.


▪ It won’t happen again.

▪ The station house number four won’t be the same without you, sir.

▪ It won’t bore me.

▪ I won’t do it.

▪ I won’t bother you anymore.

▪ I won’t forget you.

▪ Now, we won’t have the camera to keep watch for us, unfortunately.

▪ No, we won’t suffer.

▪ I still won’t be able to walk. My life will still be over.

▪ I won’t dignify that with a response.

▪ I won’t be able to keep your absence unnoticed for very long.

▪ You won’t have to.

▪ you won’t have to pay anything.

▪ I won’t have you besmirching my husband’s good name.

▪ The audience won’t care about Tom.

▪ But he won’t get in any trouble.

▪ I promise you, I will have my day, but you won’t live to see it.

▪ It won’t be that difficult to confirm.

▪ Hey! You little ruffians! Away with you or you won’t live to regret it.

▪ My only regret is that I won’t be going to heaven.

▪ But at least they won’t be alone.

▪ Well, you’ll just have to wait because that won’t be happening for some time.

▪ He won’t tell you a thing.

▪ If Johnston is guilty, he won’t get away from us this time.

▪ It won’t be me placing the noose around your neck.

▪ He just sits there like a lump. He won’t retire. He won’t return to work. He won’t do anything.

▪ Why do you think my mom won’t tell me that he’s never coming back?

▪ She just won’t say anything.

▪ I won’t hide the fact, that there were much stronger candidates compared to you.

▪ We won’t have any rest. Another body was found in the forest.

▪ I won’t tell anybody about it.

▪ And I won’t let it happen.

▪ I won’t go there.

▪ I won’t be there.

▪ I won’t go with you.

▪ We won’t forget each other

▪ We won’t stop

▪ He won’t find out.

▪ He won’t come

▪ They won’t be this age forever.


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