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Wouldn’t meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the ‘Wouldn’t’ is explained in easy English with examples.

Wouldn’t’ pronunciation= wud(a)nt, 

Wouldn’t meaning in English

‘Wouldn’t’ is a commonly spoken form of ‘would not’.

1. We use ‘wouldn’t’ when we are trying to talk about some past situations. For example:

▪ It was half past twelve, but the train wouldn’t come.

▪ He was sixteen at that time so wouldn’t get a driving license.

2. We use ‘wouldn’t’ to talk about past experiences. For example:

▪ He was my best friend, but wouldn’t come to my wedding.

▪ He was my best friend, but wouldn’t help me.

3. ‘Would not (wouldn’t)’ is talk about refusals. We use ‘wouldn’t’ to talk about past situations when somebody refused to do something. For example:

▪ I offered him monetary help, but he wouldn’t accept it.

▪ I invited her to my birthday, but she wouldn’t come.

4. ‘Wouldn’t’ is also used to talk about a situation that has arisen in the past, when the person attached to it did not take any action without giving any reason.

▪ I asked my neighbor to talk more quietly but he wouldn’t listen.

▪ I wanted to marry her but she wouldn’t reply.

5. It is a common way to indirectly tell or advise someone not to do something. 

▪ I wouldn’t give him money if I were you.

▪ I wouldn’t marry him if I were you.

▪ I wouldn’t buy that drink if I were you.

▪ I wouldn’t work there if I were you.


‘Wouldn’t’ is a short form of the word ‘Would not’.

The word ‘Wouldn’t’ acts as a Verb.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Wouldn’t’ are as follows.


▪ The butter wouldn’t melt.

▪ You wouldn’t get it.

▪ You wouldn’t understand my pain.

▪ Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what happened in the past?

▪ I wouldn’t know what to do without you.

▪ Wouldn’t you know who phoned you?

▪ I wouldn’t know a thing sorry to this man.

▪ You wouldn’t know his secrets.

▪ I wouldn’t throw it away.

▪ I wouldn’t have made it if I didn’t have you holding my hand.

▪ I wouldn’t care if my boyfriend cheated.

▪ I wouldn’t care if my parents died.

▪ I wouldn’t care if I lose my job.

▪ She wouldn’t have married him.

▪ If they wouldn’t have crucified the Lord.

▪ We wouldn’t have won the award without your hard work.

▪ We wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for you.

▪ She wouldn’t have gone to university.

▪ I hope you wouldn’t mind.

▪ Wouldn’t you like to know?

▪ I wouldn’t go there it will be crowded.

▪ Wouldn’t it be good?

▪ You wouldn’t know the truth.

▪ Wouldn’t wanna be anywhere else.

▪ You wouldn’t get it.

▪ I wouldn’t mind.

▪ I wouldn’t say so.

▪ I wouldn’t say that.

▪ He wouldn’t like that.

▪ I wouldn’t sweat.

▪ If you wouldn’t mind.

▪ I wouldn’t come.

▪ You wouldn’t get it.

▪ Wouldn’t you agree?

▪ Wouldn’t you like it?

▪ Wouldn’t it be nice?

▪ Wouldn’t let that happen to me.


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