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Although meaning in English: In this article, you will be able to know what is the word ‘Although’ means in English.

We explain here ‘Although’ meaning in English in an easy way.

Although meaning in English

1. In spite of the fact that
2. However; Except
3. and yet; but
4. regardless of a fact
5. even though

‘Although’ word is a ‘Conjunction’.
‘Conjunction’ is a word that used for joining other words, phrases, or sentences.


1. used for introducing a statement that makes your main statement seem surprising.
2. used for introducing a statement that makes what you have just said seem less true or less likely
3. ‘Although’ is used in the beginning or middle of the sentence.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Although’ are as follows.


Eng: Although the car looks smaller from the outside, surprisingly inside is spacious.

Eng: She says she has the Apple Watch, although I have never seen her wear it.

Eng: I am not feeling well today so I am not playing football, although I like to play football very much.

Eng: She stays with her mother, although she hates her.

Eng: The car is small although it is well designed.

Eng: Every time he crosses the road hurriedly, although he knows that it is dangerous.

Eng: I used my watch on rainy days, although I knew that it is not waterproof.

Eng: He is lazy although he wakes up early.

Eng: Although he looks healthy, he fell ill regularly.

Eng: Although he is rich, he is hesitant to spend money.

Eng: Nobody wants to be his friend, although he is rich and generous.

Eng: Although it’s rainy days, the sun shining like a summer day.

Eng: Although some people love to watch movies on tv, I prefer to watch them at the theatre.

‘Although’ other meanings

1. although yet
Eng: Although yet they never met again.

2. although man
Eng: Although man never gives up in unfavorable conditions.

3. we although
Eng: We although won the case after a long battle.

4. although time
Eng: Although the time never came after it passed.

5. although life
Eng: Although life became difficult after that incident.

6. although the party
Eng: Although the party began after a short interval.

‘Although’ Synonyms

Synonyms of ‘Although’ are as follows.

even if
even though
in spite of
despite the fact


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