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In this article, you will be able to know what is the word However meaning in English.

We are trying to explain the However meaning in English in an easy way.

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However meaning in English  

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We use however to show contrast with something that has just been saying.

We use ‘However’ when we want to say that it makes no difference.

However synonyms
Even though  
on the other hand  
despite that 
in spite of that  
no matter how 
in whatever way  

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However, is an adverb  

 ➡ We use however when we have two ideas and we want to show the contrast between two ideas.

 ➡ Contrast means if one idea being positive the second idea being negative.

 ➡ We use however to connect these two ideas together to form a sentence.

 ➡ With the help of, however, we combine two sentences and form one sentence.

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How to use, However?  

 💡 However, is usually used in the middle or end of the sentence OR sometimes at the beginning of the sentence.

 💡 However is usually followed by a comma.

 💡 We use however in the sense of yet, on the other hand, despite or nevertheless

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 💡 Example 💡 

 ➡ He lost his job. However, he manages to get another job.

 ➡ Rohan smile always, however, I know he had sadness in his heart.

 ➡ He failed the many times in the exam. However, he is not lost hope.

 ➡ She ignores him. However, he still loves her.

 ➡ Ramesh lived in Maharashtra for 6 years. However, he still can’t speak in Marathi.

 ➡ He looks like a gentleman. However, he is not.

 ➡ Ramesh never cares about Suresh’s opinions. However, they are still good friends.

 ➡ She hates him from her heart. However, she not even ignores him.

➡ She talks so sweetly. However, she is a cunning woman.

 ➡ Sita and Gita are twin sisters. However, they don’t look alike.

 ➡ However I failed every exam, I never give up.

 ➡ However my salary is low, but I’m never compromised with my living standard.

 ➡ He looks so weak. However, he is able to lift heavy luggage.

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