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Seek meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Seek’ is explained in simple English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Seek’ pronunciation= si-k

Seek meaning in English

‘Seek’ means trying to find or acquire something that you want or need.

As a Verb ‘Seek’ can mean:

1. To try to find something; to look for something; to search for something

▪ I seek blessings.

▪ I seek forgiveness.

▪ I seek challenging opportunities.

▪ I seek guidance.

2. To try to acquire or gain; try to get or reach

▪ I sought my career in accounting.

▪ Sought a position where I can grow.

▪ Sought a position to utilize my skills.

3. Make an effort or attempt to achieve something; To try to achieve something

▪ I am seeking a job since last month.

▪ I am seeking for mountain bicycle.

▪ He always seeks to do good in the world.

4. To ask for something; to inquire for; to solicit

▪ I seek your blessings.

▪ I seek your forgiveness.

▪ I seek your guidance.

▪ I seek your permission.

▪ I seek help from you.

▪ I seek help from Jesus to show me the path.

Seek- English meaning
to search for
to look for
try to find
try to acquire
make an effort
to inquire for
to ask for
to solicit
to aim at


The word ‘Seek’ acts as a Verb.

The past tense of the word ‘Seek’ is ‘Sought’ and the gerund or present participle is ‘Seeking’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Seek’ are as follows.


▪ Seek refuge from the devil.

▪ ‘Seek’ means desire to obtain something or to attempt to find something or desire to achieve something.

▪ You are seeking.

▪ I seek refuge in God.

▪ I seek refuge in Allah.

▪ Seek help through patience and prayer.

▪ I go to seek a great perhaps.

▪ Seek and you shall find.

▪ Be what you seek.

▪ Seek respect, not attention.

▪ Seek respect, not attention it lasts longer.

▪ He was seeking his missing bicycle.

▪ I lost my clerk job and now I am seeking work.

▪ I was seeking a specific shoe for trekking.

▪ I was seeking a specific book about this subject.

▪ He should seek legal help in property matters.

▪ He should seek medical help for corona disease.

▪ Seeking admission to class.

▪ What you seek is seeking you.

▪ Seek respect, not attention.

▪ Seeking your blessings.

▪ Seeking your approval.

‘Seek’ other meanings

seek out= To search for and find something

seek redressal= To look for remedy or compensation for a wrong or grievance.

seek information= Ask for information, attempt to obtain information

forgot seek= Forgot to search

seek refuge= Look for shelter or protection

home seek= Looking for a home

goal seek= Looking for a target

seeking admission= Looking for admission

seeking age relaxation= Looking for age concession for something (admission etc.)

seeking permission= Asking for permission

seeking approval= Looking for sanction

seek shelter= Searching for shelter

seeking job= Looking for a job

seek information= Looking for an information


The synonyms of the word ‘Seek’ are as follows.

hunt up
look for
be after
search for
ask for
search after

The antonyms of the word ‘Seek’ are as follows.



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