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Shall meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Shall’ is explained in easy English with examples.

Shall’ pronunciation= shal, sal

Shall meaning in English

The word ‘Shall’ is used in the following situations.

1. To express future tense (future tense-auxiliary verb).

▪ I shall go to the office tomorrow.

▪ I shall win the next match.

2. To indicate a determination, strong claim, intention, or obligation.

▪ You shall go to school.

▪ People shall use masks in public places due to the corona epidemic.

▪ I shall succeed or die in the attempt.

▪ We shall win the match.

3. The word ‘shall’ is used in questions to propose or suggest a possible future course of action.

▪ Shall I send you the wedding invitation?

▪ Shall we come to your house to see you?


The word ‘Shall’ acts as a ‘Verb (auxiliary verb)’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Shall’ are as follows.


▪ Freedom is my birthright and I shall have it.

▪ The prime minister shall hold office for 5 years.

▪ Shall we have a cup of coffee?

▪ Shall you have any inquiries?

▪ Shall have everlasting life?

▪ Shall have eternal life.

▪ Shall have whatsoever he saith.

▪ Shall have a new birth of freedom.

▪ Shall we have one more horse?

▪ Shall have the right but not the obligation.

▪ In this world, you shall have tribulation.

▪ You shall have no other gods.

▪ I shall have what I decree.

▪ To care for him who shall have borne.

▪ You shall have whatsoever you say.

▪ Shall be deemed to have been accepted.

▪ Shall be deemed to have been made.

▪ Shall be deemed to have been received.

▪ We shall overcome.

▪ We shall overcome someday.

▪ We shall be free.

▪ We shall behold him.

▪ We shall not be moved.

▪ You shall not commit adultery.

▪ You shall know the truth.

▪ You shall not covet.

▪ You shall live and not die.

▪ Ask and you shall receive.

▪ You shall go out with joy.

▪ They shall not grow old.

▪ They shall walk and not faint.

▪ They shall be called by name.

▪ They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.

▪ They shall expel demons.

▪ Whom shall I fear?

▪ Love shall be your idol and support.

▪ Nothing shall be impossible.

▪ Nothing shall separate.

▪ Nothing shall offend them.

▪ Nothing unclean shall enter heaven.

▪ Nothing shall be impossible unto you.

▪ Nothing shall be impossible for you.

▪ Nothing shall forestall my return.

▪ Nothing shall be impossible to those who believe.

▪ Nothing shall harm you.

▪ Shall we fall in love?

▪ Shall we do it again?

▪ Shall he not make it good?

▪ Shall he not perform it?

▪ Shall we go on?

▪ They shall know no fear.

▪ They shall run and not be weary.

▪ They shall surely gather.

▪ They shall be showers of blessing.

▪ Lord himself shall descend.

▪ Only him shall you serve.

▪ Shall I proceed?

▪ Shall we dance?

▪ Shall not be infringed?

▪ Shall we gather at the River?

▪ Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?

▪ Shall we play a game?

▪ Shall I call you?

▪ Shall we start?

▪ Shall I go?

▪ Shall I call you now?

▪ Shall we go?

▪ Shall I come?

▪ Shall we join?


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