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Something else meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Something Else’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms.

Something Else’ pronunciation= suhm-theen els, sam-theen els

Something else meaning in English

‘Something else’ is the phrase of a ‘Something.

Meanings of something else:

1. ‘Something else’ means, “Something amazing, special, or remarkable (person or thing)”.

Note: When you say something is something else means it is amazing or it was amazing.

▪ The goal that he scored was something else. (This means the goal he scored was amazing)

▪ That movie was something else.

2. Something else means ‘other things’.

▪ Something else about you.

▪ Is there something else you are searching for?

▪ I don’t want to eat pizza. I want to eat something else.

Something Else- meaning
exceptional person
exceptional thing
out of ordinary
extremely good
extremely bad
quite remarkable

Something else-Example

‘Something else’ is the phrase of a ‘Something.

‘Something’ is a pronoun and ‘Else’ is an adverb.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Something else’ are as follows.


▪ Doing something else?

▪ I want something else.

▪ You are something else.

▪ Tell me something else.

▪ There is something else.

▪ Let’s talk about something else.

▪ Saying something but meaning something else.

▪ I thought of something else.

▪ Say something else.

▪ I will never try to be something else.

▪ Something else is on your mind.

▪ This is something else Spiderman.

▪ Is there something else you are searching for?

▪ If there is something else you need to know, email us or ask us on Facebook.

▪ This mortal is really something else.

▪ Is it magic or something else?

▪ Sorry, you’re not like us, you are something else.

▪ You don’t belong here they said you’re not like us, yure something else.

▪ I am something else.

▪ I don’t want fish. May I have something else instead?

▪ Looking for something else.

▪ Something that looks like something else.

Something else-Synonym

The synonyms of ‘Something else’ is as follows.

Something Else
other things
another thing
exceptional thing
really something
a different thing
different matter entirely
another matter


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