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Spam meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Spam’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Spam’ pronunciation= spam

Spam meaning in English

1. ‘Spam’ means such unsolicited advertising emails that are sent simultaneously to a number of people to promote the product or other thing.

2. ‘Spam’ is unwanted messages that are sent by companies to your message box.

3. ‘Spam’ is unwanted messages sent in bulk.

4. Tinned foods imported from the USA.

Spam- English meaning
unwanted email or message
junk email or message
unsolicited email or message
unnecessary e-mails or messages


The word ‘Spam’ acts as a ‘Noun’.

The past tense of the word ‘Spam’ is ‘Spammed’ and the present participle is ‘Spamming’.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Spam’ are as follows.


▪ Spam is an unwanted advertising message sent by marketing companies to your message box.

▪ My Gmail account inbox has full of spam emails.

▪ Almost daily I receive spam messages on my mobile.

▪ Mobile phone spam is generally less pervasive than email spam.

▪ True caller is the best app to recognize and block spam calls and messages.

▪ Email spam is also known as junk email or unsolicited bulk email.

▪ Spammers use tools to send bulk emails at a time to a large number of people. 

▪ Many Governments made a law against spam in their countries.

Spam’ other meanings

it’s spam= This is an unwanted message/e-mail.

spam email= Unwelcome email, Unwanted email

spam message= Unsolicited Messages, Junk Messages

spam call= Unwanted call

spam number= Unsolicited number, unwanted number

spam mail= Unwanted mail

Mark as spam= Mark as unwanted message/e-mail

don’t spam= Don’t send unsolicited mail or messages

spammer= Sender of unsolicited e-mails or messages.

Spam’ Synonyms-antonyms

The synonyms of the word ‘Spam’ are as follows.

junk mail
unsolicited mail
junk message
unsolicited message
junk advertisement 
unsolicited advertisement 

The antonyms of the word ‘Spam’ are as follows.

solicited mail
solicited message
solicited advertisement 


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