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Trash meaning in English  

TRASH noun 

 💡 Waste material, objects of poor quality.

 💡 “Useless things to be discarded or throw away because no longer you need them.”

 💡 Something worthless or of poor quality.

 💡 A container into which things are discarded.

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 ➡ The ideas were being trashed one after the other until Siddhartha came up with a fabulous one. 

 ➡ Always throw all the trash in the dust bin.

 ➡ Don’t read that trash.

 ➡ Progressive people trash old beliefs and accept modern ones.

 ➡ Select damaged containers and then throw them into the trash.

 ➡ Move all trash files to the recycle bin.

TRASH verb      

 💡 To treat as trash or worthless matter.

 💡 Damage or destroy.

 💡 Criticized severely

 💡 To free from the trash.

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 ➡ He was treated like trash by his family member.

 ➡ Clean all the trash from the room and throw them into the dustbin immediately.

 ➡ I am going to burn up all the trash.

 ➡ Sometimes you find valuable things in the trash.

 ➡ Take out the trash from the storage room.

 ➡ Put it in the trash.

TRASH Synonyms   

Trash synonyms – similar words
Waste material


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