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Would meaning in English: In this article, the meaning of the word ‘Would’ is explained in easy English with examples, along with its synonyms and antonyms.

Would’ pronunciation= wud

Would meaning in English

‘Would’ is the past tense of the word ‘Will’, but these two words are used differently.

The word ‘Would’ has many different meanings and can be used in many different ways.

1. We use the word ‘Would’ in the questions. For example:

▪ Would you like to visit India?

▪ Would you like to meet me today?

2. The word ‘Would’ is used to make a humble or Polite request to someone. For example:

▪ I would like some water with ice, please.

▪ I would like some salad, please.

3. The word ‘Would’ is also used when imagining an imaginary situation. For example:

▪ If I earn a lot of money, I would like to gift a car to dad.

4. Something has happened in the past and it is too late to correct it now. For example:

▪ If I had known that you were coming, I would have stayed at home.

▪ If I had known that you were coming, I would have met you at the airport.

5. Expressing a desire or showing an inclination towards something. For example:

▪ I would love to work with you.

▪ I would love to be your friend.

6. To express a guess, opinion or hope about something. For example:

▪ I would imagine he wins the game.

▪ I would be sure she wins the match.

7. ‘Would’ is also used with interrogative words like Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How.

▪ Who would be the next president of India?

▪ What would be the consequences of a deficiency of hemoglobin?

▪ When would I get married?

▪ Where would you like to travel?

▪ Why would I hire you?

▪ How would you deal with an angry customer?

8. The word ‘Would’ is also used to denote the actions that happen regularly in the past.

▪ My friend would take a nap every afternoon.

▪ He would regularly exercise before marriage.

9. The word ‘Would’ is also used to indicate any intention.

▪ He said he would call me tomorrow.

▪ She said he would marry me next month.

10. The word ‘Would’ is also used to indicate a preference.

▪ I would rather drink tea than coffee in the afternoon.

▪ I would rather be a lover than a fighter.


The word ‘Would’ acts as a Noun.

Sentences that can be formed using the word ‘Would’ are as follows.


▪ Would I lie to you, my friend?

▪ Would you look at that?

▪ He would be a good lawyer.

▪ Would it rain today?

▪ Would you like a cup of tea?

▪ Would I kill you to laugh?

▪ Would it be possible?

▪ Would it be okay?

▪ Would it be cheaper to build a house?

▪ Would it be nice?

▪ Would you look at it?

▪ Wouldn’t it be nice?

▪ I would like to talk to my father about my marriage.

▪ I would like to inform you that.

▪ I would like to bring this to your attention.

▪ I would like to take this opportunity.

▪ I would walk 500 miles.

▪ What would you do?

▪ I would do anything for love.

▪ I would do anything for your love.

▪ No one would tell.

▪ Would you mind telling me?

▪ She would never know.

▪ Would you still love me?

▪ Would you still love me the same?

▪ Would you know my name?

▪ Would you rather have questions for kids?

▪ Would you do anything for me?

▪ Would you let me go?

▪ Wouldn’t change a thing.

▪ Would look perfect.

▪ Would I lie to you?

▪ Would you be my wife?

▪ They would just be jealous of us.

▪ Would you mind if I get it?

▪ If they had really had love they would have shown me.

▪ Would rather spend one lifetime with you.

▪ Would be the death of me?

▪ Would you rather date someone you love or date someone who loves you.

▪ I would rather have loyalty than love.

▪ He would have gone on worrying and worrying.

▪ He would have turned 60 today.

▪ Would you mind if I opened the window?

▪ Would you mind if I listened to music after dinner?

▪ Would you mind if I sit here?

▪ Would you mind if I ask you something?

▪ If you would have told me earlier?


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